IMSO 2019: International student delegations arrived in Hanoi

On the morning of November 26th, many international student delegations from 24 countries and territories registered to take part in the International Math and Science Olympiad (IMSO 2019) have arrived in Hanoi.

A group of American students arrives at Noi Bai airport

The first delegations to Vietnam were: USA, the Philippines, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Mongolia … After arriving at Noi Bai airport, those delegations were welcomed and taken to La Thanh Hotel by Organizing Committee, teachers and volunteers of IMSO 2019 so that contestants could take a rest after long flights.

The mutual feeling of students coming to Vietnam is that although they are a little tired after long flights and different climate and time zone, they all feel happy with the enthusiastic welcome of the Organizing Committee as well as feeling excited about activities of IMSO 2019.

Brandon, a student from the US team, said: “In order to have an opportunity to come to Vietnam and participate in IMSO 2019, I had to pass a number of tests in the US, and prepared many weeks in advance for the competition. In this contest, my parents, my younger brother and relatives also went to support and accompany me so I was very pleased. Not only I am hoping to win the medal of this competition, but also I really want to explore and learn about the unique cultures of other countries, so I am very excited for the cultural gala night. Before coming to Vietnam, I had a chance to enjoy Vietnamese Pho in the US and would be very happy to enjoy this delicacy right here in Hanoi ”.

As for Aarmtuvshin, a contestant from Mongolia, this is her second time coming to Hanoi. Sharing about this comeback, she said: “IMSO has given me a second chance to come to Vietnam. I still remember the impression when I first arrived in Hanoi: the city was very beautiful and the weather was really warm. That was different from the type of weather in my Mongolia. Hopefully, through this contest, I will discover more things about Hanoi ”.

International student groups will have a night at La Thanh Hotel to prepare for the opening ceremony of the IMSO 2019 taking place tomorrow morning (November 27th) at the National Convention Center (Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi city).

Tô An


Taiwanese students are welcomed by teachers and volunteers at the airport

Mongolian delegation checks in at La Thanh hotel

Candidates and Vietnamese volunteers excitedly chatting with each other