This morning (November 27th ), the International Mathematics and Science Olympiad – IMSO 2019 officially opened in Hanoi. Attending the ceremony were officials: Mr.Hoang Trung Hai – Secretary of Hanoi’s Communist Party Committee; Mr.Nguyen Huu Do – Deputy Minister of Education and Training.

The International Math and Science Olympiad for elementary school students under the age of 13 (IMSO for abbreviation) was first held in 2003. Since then, it has been organized in different countries and becomes a very prestigious international playground for students and teachers.

With profound and practical meanings, useful and valuable exams, along with professional organization, the exam is becoming more and more popular, with a lot of countries, regions and territories around the world attend annually.

Ms. Elvira – Chairman of International Executive Committee IMSO gives the opening speech

With the attention and support of Vietnamese Government, ministries and agencies, Hanoi is honored to host the 16th Mathematical Science and Science Olympiad for elementary students under the age of 13, with 719 contestants gathered from 24 countries and territories all around the world. The theme of this year’s exam is “Thinking – Innovation – Outstanding Skills”.

Welcoming candidates, scientists, teachers who participated in the IMSO 2019, Mr. Chu Xuan Dung – Director of Hanoi Department of Education and Training said: “Mathematics and sciences are closely connected together. We can recognize the existence of Mathematics and Science in daily life as well as in all areas such as architecture and painting”

Mr. Chu Xuan Dung – Director of Hanoi Department of Education and Training gives the opening speech

The major superpowers in the world are all strongly developing countries in the field of Mathematics and Science. That is why students who take this exam are the owners who hold the key to the future of science, civilization, prosperity and peace.

Over the past few years, Hanoi’s Education and Training Sector has made strong and long strides in international integration, opening the door to welcome all friends with Hanoi’s Mathematics Open Competition in 2018, 2019, and today is the International Math and Science Olympiad for students under 13 in 2019 …

Through different exams, the Organizing Committee wishes to encourage the movement of learning Math and Science, encourage innovation, research development as well as establish a network of cooperation in teaching development and study Mathematics and Science, while strengthening friendly relationships, cultural exchanges, and encourage international understanding and cooperation.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Do – Deputy Minister speaks at the opening ceremony

Besides competition, the organizers hope that candidates from different countries and territories around the world will build beautiful friendships, keep beautiful moments of the nation, people and traditional culture of Hanoi City and the country of Vietnam.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Huu Do – Deputy Minister of Education and Training-  emphasized: ”In the past two years, Hanoi has successfully organized the Hanoi’s Open Math Competition (HOMC) with the participation of international delegations; This year, Hanoi has been actively preparing the best conditions for this important event – IMSO 2019.

The fact that Hanoi and Vietnam are proudly hosting the IMSO 2019 once again confirms Vietnam’s higher position through international examinations. The exam has promoted the learning movement, especially the study of Mathematics and Science among young people in Vietnam, an opportunity to discover and foster scientific talents of Vietnam as well as around the world.

Mr.Nguyen Huu Do- Deputy Minister said that Mathematics and Science are important for the comprehensive development of society and affirmed that the Ministry of Education and Training will make every effort to support professional and academic activities to strengthen the process of international integration of Vietnam as well as the development policies of the Communist Party and the Government.

IMSO 2019 International Mathematics and Science Olympiad is divided into 2 divisions. Group A (International) has 352 contestants and 197 experts, officials, teachers and international observers registered to attend. Group B (City) has 367 candidates and 96 officials, teachers from 22 districts, towns in Hanoi city participated. The exam is expected to close in the afternoon of November 30th, 2019.

Some photos at the opening ceremony:

South Korean delegation attended the exam

Laos delegation attended the exam

Malaysian delegation attended the exam

Mongolian delegation attended the exam

The Philippines delegation attended the exam

 Singapore delegation attended the exam

South African delegation attended the exam

Sri Lanka delegation attended the exam

Thailand delegation attended the exam

The US delegation attended the exam

Vietnamese delegation attended the exam

Performance to celebrate the opening ceremony

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