On the morning of November 29th, candidates from 24 countries and territories of the International Math and Science Olympiad 2019 (IMSO 2019) took a practical test.

352 candidates from Group A (international group) started taking practical exams from 8am. The duration of practical test is 120 minutes.

In the exam room, candidates are given answers sheets and practical equipment. Before candidates do the exam, organizers have detailed instructions on how to fill in information and how to do the exam. Candidates have also performed some light warm-ups to freshen bodies and have the most pleasant mentality for the competition.

In this part of the test, candidates must not use computers and any documents. The judging and criticism are conducted publicly. Candidates must also fill in information and answers completely in English.

This is the final test of the 16th IMSO 2019 competition held in Hanoi. After practical test, in this afternoon, the candidates will participate in the Cultural Gala to bring the most impressive performances about their countries.

Tô An