IMSO 2019: Participants are excited to participate in the Cultural Gala

On the afternoon of November 29, after 2 days of intense testing, contestants from 24 countries and territories of the IMSO joined in the cultural exchange gala. This activity not only helps students feel comfortable after the exams but also create an opportunity for them to promote the national culture to international friends.

The teams bring unique performances, their own identity, expressed through music, costumes…. It is this that brings novelty and many surprises to international friends.

The variety of performances from singing, dancing, traditional dances, traditional martial arts … demonstrates the thorough and serious preparation of the delegations for the cultural exchange program.

Cultural galleries show that students are not only good at math but also spend time taking part in extracurricular activities to be able to develop comprehensively intellectually, aesthetically and physically.

In particular, the exchange program has helped introduce the culture of the countries and territories participating in the competition, which is a proof that IMSO is not only a competition in Mathematics and Natural Sciences but also a bridge connecting international children.

To motivate the contestants, the organizers have awarded the Innovation Prize for Indonesia 1 and India; Best Costume prize for Mongolian team. The grand first prize of the program belongs to Indonesia 1 team.

Tô An

– Photos: All repertoires of each country and region

– The Organizing Committee gives gifts to countries and territories participating in IMSO 2019

– Indonesia 1 team and India won the Innovation Award

– Mongolian team won the Best Costume award

– The grand first prize belongs to the Indonesian team 1